With all the buzz about foldable displays coming from Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, techies and gadget fans alike are hoping to hear something from Cupertino giant Apple in relation to folding devices. One company that can’t wait to hear from the iPhone maker decided to take things in its hands and released a great new concept.

Luna, the makers of Luna Display -- the accessory that turns the iPad into a full-fledged external display for the Mac, has released a great new concept that makes use of a foldable display to transform the iPad into a MacBook, 9To5Mac reported. Specifically, the new device will allow users to do more than what they can with the MacBook.

Luna’s imagined foldable iPad will feature touch, Apple Pencil, mouse, and keyboard support. This will allow for easier photo retouching as well as freehand illustration, with the lower half of the foldable display serving as the “canvas” illustrators can work on.

When the foldable device is fully unfolded, it has a larger display reminiscent to an iMac. Users will find a variety of uses for this device, including as a portable iMac, a MacBook with a wider display, or a standing iPad with a wider display. The input devices (touchscreen, Apple pencil, keyboard, mouse) allow for flexible use.

How to have it now

Luna admits that the concept seems dreamy at the moment, but those who want to have such a setup can do so with help from a few Apple devices and accessories.

The company’s cofounder, Giovanni Donelli, made his own setup during his trips to the co-working spaces and coffeeshops of San Francisco. This setup came as a result of his efforts to lessen the weight he carries on a regular working day.

First, Donelli acquired a 13-inch MacBook Air, then placed it on top of a MacBook stand. Next, he placed a 12.9-inch iPad Pro above the MacBook’s keyboard. Then, using Luna Display, he turned the iPad Pro into a secondary MacBook display.

“This setup provides more screen real estate, along with the flexibility to use my iPad for drawing and annotations with the Apple Pencil. Mission accomplished for my office on-the-go!" he said. Eventually, this setup became the inspiration for Luna’s foldable iPad concept.

MacBook Air Apple is reportedly preparing a less expensive MacBook Air model. Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni