It would be a dream come true for many to meet their favorite celebrity at least once in their lifetime. A former stewardess has shared one such memorable experience she had with the South Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung.

The former stewardess, whose name is not known, talked about it through the YouTube channel of Kim Sudal, who used to be a flight attendant herself. Kim had invited the stewardess on her YouTube live stream to share her experiences with celebrities.

During the live session, the stewardess reminisced the time she met Jung, roughly 20 years ago. "When I became a stewardess, my first job was to escort a first-class passenger to the gate. He came running, and it was Jung Woo-Sung. I couldn't even think straight because he was so good looking," she said, reported Allkpop.

"I was so nervous and thought I have to get him to the gate fast, so I led him there. It was a flight to LA and it was full, so there were about 400 passengers," she said.

"I was supposed to escort him to the front of the line, but I put him in line behind everyone else. He looked at me, laughed, and said, 'You must be new'. I didn't know what I did wrong. He was in first class, but he boarded last after waiting for about 15 minutes," she continued. "When he boarded, he said, 'I'll have a good flight'. I got really scolded by my sunbaes (seniors) after that. He could have even lodged a complaint. My airline reached out to Jung Woo Sung after that, and he said that I did well and was able to board well thanks to me."

Apparently, meeting celebrities from across the world is an everyday affair to Kim. The flight attendant has always been very keen about sharing those experiences with the public through her YouTube channel.

Through her videos, Kim has opened about the candid moments she had with several celebrities during her time as a stewardess. Although most of them were pleasant experiences, there were times when some celebrities were rude.

Koreaboo reported a couple of such experiences that Kim had with several K-pop artists.

"They’re very famous even among flight attendants because they even fold the blanket they used before getting off the plane," Kim spoke about TVXQ.

Revealing the rude behaviors she had experienced from members of another K-pop band, Kim said, "They spit their gum and stick it on the aisle and suck on peanuts and spit it out of their mouths to people in front of them."

Kim’s YouTube videos have managed to show fans the other side of their favorite celebrities.

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