Caitlan Coleman, the American woman rescued with her family last week after being held by a Taliban-affiliated group in Afghanistan for five years, was rushed to a hospital Monday. The family had arrived in Toronto on Friday with three children having been born in captivity.

In an email, Coleman's husband, Joshua Boyle, confirmed that Coleman was taken to a  hospital but did not provide an explanation. "My wife has been through hell, and she has to be my first priority right now," he wrote, according to the Associated Press.

Boyle, who is Canadian, and Coleman were kidnapped in October 2012 by the Haqqani network, an Afghan guerrilla insurgent group, while backpacking in Afghanistan. Despite being held in captivity, the children were planned, Boyle told the AP Monday. 

He claims that Coleman was seven-months pregnant when they were abducted. The oldest child is now 4 years old. The couple reportedly have a 2-year-old and the youngest is "somewhere around 6 months," according to Boyle.

"Hey, let's make the best of this and at least go home with a larger start on our dream family," Boyle had told Coleman before the birth of their first child.

Boyle revealed that he and Coleman were subjected to extreme abuse, with the abductors raping Coleman and killing their youngest daughter. A Taliban spokesman released a statement that Coleman suffered a "natural miscarriage" after an illness.

The couple had released a "proof of life" video in December of 2016 in which they plead for then-President Barack Obama and president-elect Donald Trump, to help them. 

The couple and their children were finally released and brought back to Canada as a result of cooperation between Pakistan and the U.S. After the release, President Trump said that it was considered a "positive movement" in the U.S-Pakistani relationship.