• Formula 1 CEO says teams can have a reserve if lead driver is infected
  • Formula 1 has put forth several safety plans for upcoming 2020 season
  •  Teams will be limited to 80 personnel each to operate 

Formula 1 Chief Executive Chase Carey said the races will not be cancelled even if a driver or a member of the team test positive for COVID-19, as happened with the opening race in Australia in March.

Carey told Sky Sports television that teams were encouraged to make use of the reserves should any of the main drivers test positive for the virus once the 2020 season begins. Carey said that would not be a reason for the championship to be cancelled.

The opener of the season planned on March 15 in Australia was cancelled after a member of the McLaren team tested positive for Covid-19. 

Carey encouraged teams to have procedures in place to replace any team member who has to be quarantined.

All of the teams in play have two full time lead drivers and several test or reserve drivers.

According to Sky Sports, Carey indicated that Formula 1 is changing real time inside the season though they are continuing to search for ideas. They would like to make sure these solutions are not just gimmicks.

He indicated that it is a good sport with stars, heroes and very talented drivers so the goal would be to respect everything to a degree but that does not mean they do not also consider the reality of the world today.

Formula 1 has put forth several safety plans for the upcoming season opener. They intend to race without spectators for one, and the teams will be flown in on charter planes and isolated from the entire population.

The chief executive also indicated there would be a set of guidelines about 80 to 90 pages long detailing the travel process along with behaviour on the track and off it.

The teams are supposed to operate in their bubbles, implementing such things as sanitizing and social distancing.

In total, formula 1 expects 80 from each camp.

lotus-2728065_640 Nürburgring Photo: Pixabay