The Formula 1 hybrid engines scheduled for forthcoming seasons are going to play a significant part in the reduction of carbon emissions.

In a statement at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show on Thursday, Chase Carey, the Chairman and CEO of Formula 1, championed the significance of Formula 1. He illustrated how they were going to play a role in tackling carbon emissions.

They will also be contributing to the discussion on environmental problems which is a global concern.

Carey explained the Formula 1 hybrid engine is going to be significant towards the reduction of carbon emissions within the auto industry. Formula 1 will also be setting out plans in the coming months for tackling the issue of sustainability within the sport.

He reiterated there were several solutions to the environmental situation and not just one. While he appreciates electric energy has attained the attention and is in a sweet spot, he also said problems like battery disposal have to be addressed.

These comments come a day after Mercedes revealed the Formula E team as the world champions join several other manufacturers within the all-electric series.

Teams like Ferrari have expressed no interest in joining the Formula E tournament. They have admitted they considered the series might be a threat to the way Formula 1 is run.

Mercedes then revealed it needed 18 gas-powered trucks for transporting their motorhome to and from different European based venues. This is ironically contrary to their commitment to lower emissions.

Interestingly, while saying Formula 1 is going to aid in the battle to tackle carbon emissions, Carey also talked about the role of the sport. He mentioned how it affected the development of road vehicles during the years.

That is the reason he has linked Formula 1 to the auto industry and their approach to emissions.

He added Formula 1 had been a pioneer when it comes to motorsport and the technology and innovations developed have fed into the road vehicles.

Formula 1 is also going to be setting more plans in the coming months, that address the issue of sustainability.

His sentiments have been deemed debatable by several people on social media. He has drawn a straight line between the pinnacle of motorsport and the way the auto industry operates.

He claimed computers and safety technologies in road vehicles all came from Formula 1 innovation, and plug-in hybrids have also benefitted from F1 innovation.