Formula 1 has confirmed they do have a contingency plan for the potentially poor air quality during the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend.

The Indonesian forest fires have caused a chain of events leading to the dense haze which has descended on Manila.

The forest fires are a result of illegal measures to clear land for agriculture and have gone out of control in Borneo and Sumatra. Jakarta has since deployed security forces and air sprays to tackle the problem.

The result has seen the level of air quality fall to a three year low and prompted the Singapore National Environment Agency to warn people to reduce prolonged or strenuous outdoor activities.

Officials are saying the air quality situation in Manila is very interchangeable. That means it is not possible to reliably predict the Pollutant Standards Index ahead of the Grand Prix event this weekend.

The NEA says levels of 50 and below are indications of good air quality. However, if the readings are between 51 and 100, that means the air quality is moderate. Anything between 101 and 200 is considered poor air quality and unhealthy.

The trouble is the readings from Wednesday were 116 and 128. A spokesperson from Formula 1 claimed the race organizers are taking measures to reduce the effects of the haze for both the drivers and the spectators.

They added they had set several measures such as public information at the circuit as a notification measure.

The tourism board of the city-state claimed spectators would be able to purchase masks as protection from the haze should the conditions worsen by race day.

The executive director of sports for the board, Jean NG, said assistance would also be available on-site for any spectators that feel unwell.

Jean added a number of the government agencies have been collaborating with Formula 1 to make sure the event will be a success. They will also be keeping an eye on the health of everyone who is involved.

The track is one of the harder ones in the season schedule, considering the conditions tend to be hot and humid. The addition of night haze to the conditions is an unwelcome hardship for the drivers.

Mercedes, which has established previous dominance at the track holds an advantage because it is not entirely dependent on power straights. Lewis Hamilton will be seeking to reassure fans of his claim for the championship. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will also be looking to capitalize on his car’s advantage on the track to regain points lost in the previous races.

Formula 1 Pixabay