• Formula 1 Managing director, Ross Brawn says it is still possible to have a season if it begin in October
  • The goal is to entertain fans but to do it without harming anyone
  • Formula 1 bosses and racing promoters are suggesting two day race weekend to support compressed racing schedule

Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn provided a statement earlier claiming it was possible to hold a championship this year, even if it would begin in October.

He added that Formula 1 was considering closed-door races as a means of starting the season once the COVID-19 crisis slows down, and the permutations have been discussed.

On Tuesday, the Canadian Grand Prix joined the numerous races that have had to be canceled considering the spread of the virus.

Formula 1 executives have been working with race and venue promoters to create a revised calendar for when it would be possible to go racing again.

At the very least, eight races have to be held per season for it to be classed as a world championship.

Brawn intimated it was the desire of Formula 1 teams, drivers, and administration to go racing as soon as possible. If anything, it would be to give the fans some entertainment during these trying times. That is even if it means holding some of the initial events without the fans present.

Their view is that a European start would be favorable as a closed event. They could have an enclosed setting where the teams come in on charters.

They could channel them into the circuit and make certain that every person gets tested, cleared, and there is no apparent risk to anyone.

Having a race that does not have spectators is not the ideal setting, but it is better as opposed to no racing at all. Formula 1 is keeping in mind there are millions that follow the sport from the comfort of their homes.

They want to keep people entertained but also not place anyone at risk.

Brawn said they are also looking for the ability to maintain the season should it pick up again, so the conditions have to be right.

According to the Formula 1 managing director, there is no point in having a start and then stopping again for some time.

Formula 1 executives and promoters are also considering a number of two day Grand Prix events as a way to ease the pressure within a compressed calendar at the end of the year.

Brawn stated that venues like China would probably provide the conditions for a two-day race if they do ahead with it because of the logistics to get there and get on to the next event, which is being planned.

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