The Singapore Grand Prix this weekend gave interesting results as Sebastian Vettel managed to redeem himself and gain back the lead driver status at Ferrari after his win.

It was not without incident though. His teammate, Charles LeClerc was left feeling aggrieved after Ferrari seemed to give Vettel the winning strategy while it kept LeClerc at bay.

The Singapore GP did cause a bit of worry earlier on because of the potential for night haze above the already challenging humid conditions. It was the tires this time which were the problem.

The Singapore race was notorious for being the hardest on the venue roster. The concrete barriers and humidity, not to mention the time set; two hours all combine to produce harsh track conditions.

When McLaren driver, Lando Norris was interviewed on his first experience with the Marina Bay Street circuit, he responded saying he was tired.

The first 30 laps were about being under the limit, and he was trying to avoid wheelspin or understeer. There lies the issue. Because the tires have to be protected for them to last the distance, the whole field spent the first hour of the race on cruise control.

Norris stated that was not racing. Everyone was sitting doing nothing. He added it did not look good for anyone because the tires were bad.

The current tire situation entails regular pit stops to change them after wear and tear. It was more than usual on the Singapore track. The fact is no one wants to go back to the days of Bridgestone.

The tires did not degrade at all, and the driver who was the first to reach the turns was most often the one that won the race.

There was no need for pit stops because of no need to change the tires. At this time, no one is happy with the situation as it restricts the amount of proper racing that takes place.

The main victim this time was Charles LeClerc. He took the pole position and held it until the strategy went against him.

Normally, the race leader is given priority by the team when it comes to strategy. In this situation, Ferrari opted to pit Vettel first and the extra pace he got from the fresh tires allowed the German to take the lead when LeClerc pitted one lap later.

The conversation about tires may not arise again because it could be a while within the schedule before the harsh conditions on the Marina Bay circuit are replicated. Next up is Singapore and then Japan.

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