• Epic Games is releasing the latest season of “Fortnite”
  • The new season brings a different feel to the shooting game
  • It lets players take on the role of a bounty hunter from “Star Wars” fame

Epic Games is dropping a new season of “Fortnite” with a slew of new content that players will enjoy.

The new season, Chapter 2: Season 5, has been dubbed “zero point” and will introduce a new world for the game, The Verge has learned. While the previous season was “Marvel” themed through and through and included the supervillain Galactus, the new season will introduce “Star Wars” into the popular shooter title.

The new season will feature hunters from different realities in the “Star Wars” universe. They will join together to fight against what is called “the loop.”

One of the hunters is the popular character played by actor Pedro Pascal, the Mandalorian. Of course, coming alongside the famed bounty hunter is the equally popular and strangely adorable Baby Yoda, also known as “Grogu.”

The new season will also introduce a slew of original characters – designed with “Star Wars” in mind yet very “Fortnite” in feel. They include a creature named “Mancake the fighting Flapjack” (whatever that is), an ancient warrior, and a sci-fi hunter that looks like it came from one of mangaka Tsutomu Nihei’s creations, The Verge noted.

For those who don’t know, Tsutomu Nihei is known for manga titles “Knights of Sidonia” and “Blame!” The former is aired on Netflix, while the latter is currently available in print via Kodansha.

The new characters coming to “Fortnite” will be available to those who get the latest season’s Battle Pass, as well as those who subscribe via “Fortnite Crew.” As previously reported, those who subscribed to “Fortnite Crew” will get the season’s Battle Pass as well as a bevy of other bonuses, like additional V-Bucks.

Aside from the new characters, “Fortnite’s” latest season will also introduce new weapons for players to enjoy. They include the Dragon’s Breath shotgun, the Night Hawk (which lets players track their enemies), and of course, the Mandalorian’s Amban sniper rifle.

The latest season will also introduce new locations including a jungle area and a new sci-fi desert that appears to have been created by the explosion at the “zero point.”

It will also introduce new changes to quest structures. Players can take the role of a real bounty hunter, offering their services to characters in exchange for wages. They can also engage in duels for more rewards. The wages and rewards, which come in the form of bars, can then be spent on new exotic weapons, upgrades, services, intel, and more.

Man playing PC game fortnite Man playing Fortnite PC edition Photo: 11333328/ Pixabay