Another week, another update for “Fortnite” battle royale. This week, Epic Games has added a new type of rocket launcher and a new limited time mode called Disco Domination.

Quad Rocket Launcher

The v6.02 update for “Fortnite” battle royale has added a new weapon called the Quad Rocket Launcher. The new weapon is designed to fire rockets in rapid succession unlike the regular Rocket Launcher that has been available in battle royale for some time now. The Quad Rocket Launcher can be fired four times before it needs reloading.

The Quad Rocket Launcher is only available in Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) variants. The Epic variant comes with a base damage of 80, while the Legendary variant has a base damage of 84. Both variants have a 300 unit explosion radius. Epic Games said that the new weapon can be found in chests, supply drops and vending machines.

Every time Epic adds a new weapon to “Fortnite” battle royale, it’s always been met with skepticism and concerns on how well it would play in-game. Eurogamer pointed out that some players are already voicing concerns on Reddit about the new weapon being overpowered.

Disco Domination LTM

The v6.02 update also introduces the new Disco Domination limited time mode. The new LTM is a 50 vs 50 mode that will require players to capture Dance Floors scattered around the battle royale map. Players will have to dance to raise the disco ball up from the floor in order to completely capture the Dance Floor. The more friendly players dancing on a floor, the faster the disco ball will rise.

There will be five Dance Floors scattered in the map when the storm is not moving. Each time a Disco Floor is captured, the team’s “Dance Bar” will be filled up. The first team to fill their Dance Bar to 100 percent will be declared the winner of the match.

In Disco Domination LTM, players will be able to respawn when they’re killed. Respawning will be turned off until the last storm circle. Players won’t be able to build on or over the Dance Floors, but they can block enemy players out using forts. Like in Soaring 50s LTM, the glider can be redeployed when players jump or fall off from large heights.

Other Adjustments and Improvements

Epic Games has also added loot drop rate adjustments in the “Fortnite” v.6.02 update and it can be seen here on the full patch notes. The update also fixes some issues on the Nintendo Switch, while the texture pool size for the Xbox One has been increased to avoid issues related to blurry textures and to improve rendering performance. Players on the Xbox One must also take note that the v6.02 update will be a lot bigger, at around 10GB, compared to other platforms.