Epic Games has released the v6.10 update for “Fortnite” battle royale and it includes a new vehicle. The update also introduces in-game tournaments that anyone from any platform can join to earn special pins.

The new “Fortnite” update has added a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher. The new vehicle accommodates two players and it’s designed to smash through buildings. Players will be able to build their boost while driving and they can smash through buildings by pressing the boost key once their boost meter is filled.

The Quadcrasher is the third vehicle that’s been added to “Fortnite” battle royale, the other two being the ATK and the shopping carts. Since the Quadcrasher only seats two people, it should work perfectly for Duo matches. The ability to smash through buildings with this vehicle will also provide users a new way to conquer the battlefield and it should help players come up with new strategies.

The v6.10 update to “Fortnite” has also added tournaments that will allow anyone to compete. “Fortnite” tournaments are located in the new “Events” tab available in the game. The Events tab will have a list of upcoming tournaments that are open to everyone. Dates and times will be available to view in the Events tab. Each tournament will task players to earn points by eliminating others or getting in the top 10, top 3 or getting the victory royale.

There are five tournaments announced so far: Alpha (Solo), Beta (Duo), Friday Note Fortnite (Squad), Salty Springs Cup (Solo) and Tomato Temple Cup (Duo). Each of them will have its own respective schedules and players can join instantly when the event begins. Epic Games said that the schedule times will vary by region. All players in North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Brazil will be able to participate the tournaments.

“During tournaments, players from all platforms will compete against one another as equals, regardless of if they are on a mouse, controller, or touch input device.  Every player will participate in the same competitions from start to finish, with equal opportunity to rise above the competition,” Epic Games said. “Combining everyone into a single competition will allow for players to compete with their friends regardless of platforms and will allow us to place a single shining spotlight onto the world’s best players, increasing prize pools and player exposure from our competitions.”

When players are able to collect enough points in the tournaments, they will be rewarded with a special pin that will be attached to their profile, Polygon has learned. These pins will likely function as a pass to higher-tier tournaments, but for now, they are just being used for recognition. Epic Games will also use this new tournament system to launch an event called Showdown Royale, which will provide everyone the opportunity to be eligible to compete in the 2019 World Cup.

The v6.10 update to “Fortnite” battle royale also includes some fixes and improvements in gameplay and performance, all of which can be viewed here. CPU performance for the Nintendo Switch has been optimized further to deliver smoother gameplay. The lighting on the PS4 controller will now match with the player’s marker color in-game.

Epic has also disabled Port-A-Fortress to “resolve some issues related to this item.” To compensate for the item’s absence, the drop rate for the regular Port-A-Fort has been increased to 4.89 percent.