• Turn10 Studios is reportedly working on "Forza Horizon 5"
  • There have been claims saying that the game would be set in Mexico
  • Microsoft has not yet revealed the game's specific release date

Industry insiders previously claimed that the next location of the much-awaited "Forza Horizon 5" would be in Mexico. Apparently, Microsoft may have hinted at the said location almost a couple of years ago.

Last year, the Redmond-based tech titan released the Xbox Series X announcement trailer, which showcased the new generation gaming console hosting several titles from various genres. Fans caught a glimpse of "FIFA" and "Halo" references from the said footage.

As one could see in the video, Microsoft's announcement trailer indeed focused on the Xbox Series X. However, the presence of the red Koenigsegg Regera in it undoubtedly hinted at something more than just the upcoming gaming console. For "Forza Horizon 5" fans, that brief footage may have some hidden Mexico-related tidbits. 

Interestingly, a reference to a car racing game may have pointed out the journey of "Forza Horizon 5" in Mexico. Nintendo Power reported this interesting detail recently.

The report cited the abundance of cactus on a dry landscape, with the scene painting a picture fitting to the mountains of Mexico. For a brief moment, the trailer also showed the Mexican Passiflora, a species of a flower that abundantly grows in Mexico. Moreover, the footage teased several popular landscapes in the country, like the Copper Canyon in the Chihuahua area.

The hit car-racing game franchise has so far visited Australia and various European countries in its four installments. Setting the game in Mexico would not be a surprising move at all since the country's culture has long been celebrated in Hollywood films.

The Redmond-based tech juggernaut is anticipated to release a new "Forza Horizon 5" trailer at the E3 2021 event in June. 

As for its release, many fans hope that the game would arrive this year. However, some insiders believe that with the impact of the global health crisis, game developer Turn10 might roll out the game in 2022.

Although the clues shown in the video make a lot of sense, fans should still manage their expectations about the location of "Forza Horizon 5" in the absence of an official confirmation from Microsoft. It is also worth noting that everything should be considered highly speculative at this moment. 

Forza Motorsport 6 Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have revealed new European cars coming to "Forza Motorsport 6." Photo: Microsoft/Turn 10 Studios (via the Xbox Wire)