Fossil has released new hybrid smartwatches that combine the beauty of analogue watch hands with the function and aesthetics of digital features such as an always-on display that shows various data all the time.

Fashion watch maker Fossil's new smartwatches fall under the Fossil Hybrid HR line, Digital Trends reported. These stylish wearables are packed with a lot of features yet cost less than half the price some Apple Watch models normally sell for.

The Hybrid HR line only has two models that differ in nothing but their strap size and, in effect, how they look and feel when worn. There's the Collider HR that uses 22mm straps, and there's the Charter HR that uses 16mm straps. Both models have the same 44mm-sized body with 27mm-wide displays, and both are made from stainless steel. Both have a heart rate sensor at the back, too.

Both the Collider HR and Charter HR use a low-power e-paper screen behind two traditional watch hands. The display shows complications normally found in other smartwatches such as complications for heart rate, step count, date and weather or temperature. Some or all of these complications can be turned off at any time should the user want the watch a more classic, sleek look.

Fossil's new smartwatches are powered by the Fossil Smartwatches app and are compatible with Android and iOS devices (Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0 and newer, respectively). Users can pair their watches to their smartphones in order to receive notifications for texts and more, use the watch to ring their phone in the event it gets misplaced, or use the watch to control music playback on the phone.

Despite their features, both models are rated to last longer than most popular smartwatches today, such as the Apple Watch. Fossil said “No nightly plug-in necessary” – the 55 mAh battery can last up to two weeks of use with all features on. And if ever the wearables need charging, users will only need to plug it in for an hour to get it fully charged.

The new Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatch line is available now. Both models are priced at $195, and can be used with any strap provided they are the same size.