Unemployment benefits from the pandemic are set to soon run out for the many Americans still receiving them which could put many in new financial distress. However, while the federal government doesn’t seem poised to provide a fourth stimulus check at the moment, some states may be prepared to give their residents a little more financial breathing room.

With extended unemployment benefits from the pandemic set to expire on Sept. 5, many will soon find themselves without the extra pay they had been receiving if they found themselves without a job due to COVID-19. In several states, the aid also ended early, with Alaska, Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Montana, Tennessee and Louisiana all stopping the benefits by the end of July.

With the last stimulus check going out in March and another one not on the horizon from the federal government, the ending of unemployment benefits could be alarming to those who are receiving them, as it could bring some financial hardship.

However, in a few states, other forms of stimulus money are on the horizon or have also been awarded, which could help in some cases.

In states that have not yet ended the unemployment benefit, California and New Mexico are both providing extra funds to residents, with a “Golden State Stimulus” in the West Coast state seeing $600 going to residents, while New Mexico has plans to distribute $5 million in funds to residents who did not qualify for a federal stimulus check.

In addition, Yahoo! News reports that Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and New York also sent out some stimulus money to select residents as well. In states that ended unemployment early, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Tennessee also provided bonuses to teachers and other educators.

However, unfortunately, outside of those payments, those who are going to see their unemployment benefits end could be in a bind if their state isn’t providing anything, because the federal government seems currently focused on other stimulus initiatives, which were outlined in the recent infrastructure bill and are a part of the proposed American Families Plan.

Not only is the government not planning on sending out new payments, but rumors of new checks in excessive amounts, like one stating that $7,000 would be paid out, are also all false, which will likely further dash the hopes of those eager to receive additional funds.

stimulus check
Economic stimulus checks are prepared for printing at the Philadelphia Financial Center on May 8, 2008, in Philadelphia. Jeff Fusco/Getty Images