2021 will be ending on a better financial note for some Americans who have been worried about increasing costs due to inflation, which has coincided with the ending of nearly all federal aid from the COVID-19 pandemic. While the federal government is not sending out a fourth round of stimulus checks, some will still be eligible to receive extra cash before the year comes to an end.

In addition to the continued Expanded Child Tax Credit payments, which some will receive in the form of an $1,800 lump sum on Dec. 15, some Americans are set to potentially start receiving additional payments this month thanks to the “Plus-up” payments being issued by the Internal Revenue Service. According to the IRS website, two factors will come into play that could qualify people for new funds.

“We are sending additional or plus-up payments to people who: already received a third Economic Impact Payment based on a 2019 tax return or information received from SSA, RRB or VA, or may be eligible for a plus-up payment based on their 2020 tax return,” the website reads.

The Plus-Up payments are meant to help those who received their stimulus checks originally based on a 2019 tax return, who had a lower income when filing their 2020 taxes. The Plus-Up payments are meant to help make up the difference between the two tax filings. According to WBFF, a Fox affiliate in Baltimore, the payments will continue to be sent out until Dec. 31.

Those payments aren’t the only ones that will go out, however, as several states are sending out additional aid before the end of the year. California is continuing to send out payments as a part of its Golden State Stimulus, while residents in Illinois could receive a $200 check pending a measure for stimulus money being approved by the state government.

In addition, more than $4 million is being sent out in stimulus funds to residents of St. Louis, who can apply to receive a check for $500 beginning on Dec. 18.

stimulus-check-5948809_1920 Representation. A COVID-19 stimulus check. Photo: Pixabay