A city on the sea may seem like a science fiction fantasy, but one Florida company is looking to bring the idea to life.

The Freedom Ship will be a mile-long, 25-story high floating city that will be able to house a total of 50,000 people, the Daily Mail reported. It will feature an airport, shopping centers, residential spaces, a library, schools and a hospital.

The $10 million project was designed by Freedom Ship International. If completed, it will be so large it will never be able to enter a port. The company plans for the vessel to sail constantly around the globe, holding enough room to house 30,000 daily visitors, 20, 000 crew members and 10,000 overnight guests.

"The Freedom Ship will be the largest vessel ever built, and the first ever floating city," said Roger M. Gooch, director and vice-president of Freedom Ship International. "This will be a very heavily capitalized project, and the global economy in the last few years hasn't been too inviting for unproven progressive projects like ours. Happily, though it has experienced a hiatus, the Freedom Ship now looks as if it is a live project again."

He added that the project has seen increased interest in the last few months, and the company is "hopeful we will raise the $1 billion to begin construction."