Consumers around the nation are noticing their grocery bills go up, and unfortunately, food prices are only expected to continue to rise in 2022.

A number of factors are contributing to the price hikes, including higher freight costs, increased logistics and packaging costs, the cost of importing goods and higher wages. The trend is also attributed to increased demand and bad weather, which further upsets parts of the global supply chain.

"We expect prices to remain at these lofty levels," Michael Magdovitz, an agricultural commodities analyst at Rabobank, told CNN.

Companies like Mondelez International, General Mills, Campbell Soup, Kraft Heinz, SpartanNash, Kroger and many others that either make food, produce food or sell food, have also been impacted by rising food costs.

Mondelez will be raising the price of its cookies, candy and other products sold in the U.S. by 6% to 7% starting in January. General Mills and Campbell Soup will also be raising prices on its items with some going up as much as 20%. Kraft Heinz said that its products will see a 5% rise in price.

“We’ve been increasing prices, and we plan to increase prices more than we’ve done at least in the time that I’m here and probably for quite a while as a company,” said Dirk Van de Put, Chief Executive of Mondelez, in November.

A letter from General Mills released in November to CNN also describes a similuar situation. "The current operating environment is as dynamic as we've experienced in at least a decade, resulting in significant input cost inflation, labor shortages, and challenges servicing the business," General Mills said in a statement.

Stores are also charging more for baked or prepared food such as stuffed chicken breasts and precut vegetables due to consumers showing that they are willing to pay more for food that can help them lessen the blow of higher overall prices.

Items like fresh produce, alcohol and meats imported from other countries will see some of the biggest price rises due to the cost of shipping them to the U.S.

The pandemic has also prompted people to start preparing more meals at home, which has also increased the demand for grocery items. This trend has caused people to start to stock up on items rather than buying as needed.

Here is a list of items that consumers should expect to see an increase in price for 2022:

Potatoes, celery, heavier vegetables, wine, beer, liquor, mayonnaise, frozen meals, milk, eggs, soybeans, corn, frozen waffles, baked and prepared food, cookies, candy, cereal, Campbell Soup, Jell-O pudding, mustard coffee, dairy, bread, juice, Kraft mac and cheese, fish, chicken, bacon, and ground chuck.