A San Diego man with a passion for the popular kid's powder juice drink has created a whole new way to increase your waistline at the San Diego county fair this summer.

Fried Kool-Aid!

Chicken Charlie Boghosian experimented with a batter of flour, water, and cherry Kool-Aid. Mixing them into golf-ball sized portions and tossing them in the fryolator, he realized he'd creating something great.

The balls look like red donut holes, and some say they also taste rather like donut holes. One costumer of fried Kool-Aid told Sign on San Diego, It starts off tart and tangy, and then finishes really sweet... I love this stuff!

Boghosian fashions himself as a culinary wunderkind of fried food. He claims to have invented more than 100 deep-fried treats to serve up at county fairs out of his Chicken Charlie food stand. In previous years, he created fried fare such as fried Klondike Bars, fried Pop Tarts, and fried Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

Chicken Charlie Boghosian has already gone through 150 pounds of Kool-Aid powder and 1,500 pounds of flour in the fair's opening weekend. As far as the rest of the ingredients , Boghosian's not telling.

Perhaps he hopes to market these tangy red dough balls beyond the San Diego County Fair. If he did, would you give them a try?

Here's a video of Boghosian frying up some Kool-Aid at the fair: