• The family decides to go on a summer vacation trip in "Fruits Basket" Season 2, Episode 6
  • However, Tohru has to complete her homework
  • Meanwhile, Kureno and Arisa continue to long for each other

The summer break has begun, and all twelve zodiac signs are invited for the trip. However, in “Fruits Basket” Season 2, Episode 6, Tohru Honda has to finish her homework before she sets out to enjoy the trip.

This article contains spoilers from “Fruits Basket” Season 2 episodes.

According to official episode 6 synopsis, Yuki comes to help Tohru finish her homework. However, she is worried about the hats for children. The stills from the episode show the children having fun in the pool.

Can Tohru finish her homework and enjoy the vacation with others?

Meanwhile, “Fruits Basket” Season 2, Episode 5 starts with the voice of a man who recalls meeting Arisa Uotani at the convenience store. The brief encounter reminds Arisa of Tohru. Arisa remembers that Tohru is as clumsy as this man.

Later, in the episode, he meets Tohru and asks her out for lunch. He introduces himself as Kureno. There is an instant attraction between Kureno and Tohru.
Despite the attraction, Kureno confesses that he cannot meet her often as he seldom goes out. He tells her that their second meeting would be there last.

She is unaware that he is one of the members of the Cursed Sohmas. Towards the end of episode 5, fans get to know that he lives with Akito, who is the main antagonist of the anime. It will be interesting to see Kureno and Arisa’s romance blossom in the upcoming episodes.

The fifth installment also focuses on Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, Momiji, and Hatsuharu’s visit to a haunted house in a mall. At first, Tohru seems to be extremely scared but determines that she will experience it. She marches inside the facility and screams at the fake horror show at the display. Later, Hatsuharu weaves a made-up backstory for one of the models. Tohru, carefully, listens to the story and believes it.

“Fruits Basket” Season 2, Episode 6 is scheduled to air Monday (May 11). The episode can be watched online via live streaming mode on Funimation. Currently, the installments are available in Japanese with English subtitles.

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