Warner Bros. is giving "The Fugitive" two very different remakes, one as a film directed by Albert Hughes and the second for the upcoming short-form online platform Quibi. Both of these remakes will be a different take on the 1993 film that starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, according to Deadline.

Written by "Broken City" screenwriter Brian Tucker, the new action film will be the second theatrical remake of the popular 1963 TV series being developed by the studio. The first remake that starred Ford and Jones received acclaim by critics and viewers upon release. The film earned a total of seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture with the movie winning Best Supporting Actor for Jones. The film launched a spinoff starring Jones called “U.S. Marshalls,” which was released in 1998.

The original series ran from 1963 to 1967 for four seasons consisting of 120 episodes. The story followed Dr. Richard Kimble (David Jannsen) who gets framed for the murder of his wife and goes on the run to search for the real killer, a one-armed man. The authorities, led by police lieutenant Philip Gerard (Barry Morse), are in pursuit of Kimble after he escapes from captivity. 

The show was previously remade into an action-drama series for CBS in 2000 with Tim Daly and Mykelti Williamson taking over the roles of Kimble and Gerard, respectively. The show only ran for one season before getting canceled by the network.

However, Hughes' film isn't the only adaptation in the works. Another remake of the classic TV series is also in development by Warner Bros. for the streaming platform Quibi. The modern-day short-form version of the show will have Boyd Holbrook playing a new fugitive named Mike Ferro who is being pursued by Kiefer Sutherland’s Detective Clay Bryce.

The Quibi remake is being developed by "Scorpion" creator Nick Santora. The new series will also incorporate the world of social media in the story to mirror the society we live in now.

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