It seems Fujifilm has plans to release its own foldable smartphone with a stylus pen similar to that of Samsung.

Apparently, Fujifilm has filed a patent regarding the same at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent entitled “Electronic device and non-transitory computer-readable medium,” which was filed on Aug. 3 and published on Sep. 9, was included in the World Intellectual Property Organization, a database that protects patents worldwide, LetsGoDigital reported.

The patent was 51 pages with 47 images of a Samsung-like foldable smartphone. Its design shows a device that can be folded inwardly with a second touch display that comes up when the device is folded.

Similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, the Fujifilm foldable smartphone’s flexible screens can be operated using a stylus pen. It also has a battery-saving capability that keeps the main screen off as long as it is folded under a 30-degree angle.

The Fujifilm foldable smartphone also has a function similar to Samsung’s App Continuity. This continues an app engagement from the large screen to the smaller front screen. When a user folds the device, the particular app that was opened on the large screen will open on the smaller screen.

Similar to Samsung’s Flex Mode, apps automatically reorient themselves when the phone is folded. This functionality makes it possible for users to send messages or navigate the web on the lower half of the folded screen. However, although the patent shows complete details and renders of a classic hold design, it did not mention anything about the camera system.

Fujifilm venturing into smartphone creation doesn't come as a surprise as camera makers like Sony and Panasonic have already forayed into the segment.

Yet, PetaPixel notes that Sony and Panasonic have been known to have more divisions even before they entered the smartphone industry. A company known for a more focused product line such as Fujifilm, entering the new arena is, therefore, a  bit unusual.

Apart from Samsung, Huawei Mate X2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold are the other foldable smartphones in the market. Both devices can accommodate more content on screen as they can be expanded into tablet forms.

There is still no confirmation if Fujifilm will actually release the foldable camera as patents don't prove that a company will launch the specific device.

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