• Apple improves the iPhone's mobile photography features every year
  • Reports indicate it is gunning for 10x optical zoom in the future
  • It might be able to do this using components from third-party suppliers

Apple could equip future iPhones with specs and technologies that would allow them to offer highly requested mobile photography features, particularly 10x optical zoom, several reports say.

Apple might consider using third-party camera technologies from Samsung, Chinese outlet Digitimes reported. This technology, the report stated, is a periscope lens.

Periscope lenses allow mobile devices to take pictures from a distance without adding any bulk to the device’s appearance and size. The camera is designed in such a way that it sits flush with the device’s chassis but is capable of adjusting focal lengths to provide higher levels of zoom.

Apple is reportedly looking to improve its already impressive iPhone camera setup by adding a periscope lens to the set. Digitimes indicated that the Cupertino-based tech giant plans to do this by partnering with South Korean tech companies that have experience in this area – thus Samsung.

The report, however, doesn’t provide enough conclusive evidence. There’s no indication that next year’s flagship iPhone lineup – which will come a year after the recently launched iPhone 12 series of handsets – will feature the periscope camera.

But the claim does have some merit to it. Apple doesn’t normally use unproven technologies on its devices. It normally equips its devices with tried and tested features or at least takes some time to develop its own features for its devices. This way, it will be able to ensure high-quality performance and durability.

A more weighty claim

Another report about the same matter seems like it has more weight than Digitimes' report.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9To5Mac) said South Korean lens supplier Semco and Chinese lens company Sunny Optical will be joining the iPhone supply chain this year.

The noted analyst, who has a 78% accuracy rating when it comes to Apple product predictions and leaks as per AppleTrack, believes that the 2022 iPhone will be equipped with periscope lenses that are manufactured by Semco.

The prediction might be for a device scheduled for release almost two years from now, but it does seem logical – and safe. Apple can be expected to improve the iPhone’s camera features every year, and it just might be able to offer more than 10x optical zoom by that time.

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