• Apple sources its iPhone displays from other companies like LG
  • LG is already working on increasing its LTPO-TFT manufacturing production rate, a report says
  • This could be in preparation for next year's new iPhones

LG will be involved in the creation of Apple’s new iPhones next year, a report reveals.

The South Korean company LG will benefit from the sales of Apple’s new iPhone 12 series of handsets, International Business Times previously reported. This is because LG Display supplied the Cupertino-based tech giant with the OLED panels used for its new smartphones.

Now, a report from Korean tech news site The Elec, citing unnamed sources, indicated that the display manufacturer will also supply Apple with new display panels that will be used for the iPhone 13 models.

LG Display is working on increasing the production rate of its OLED panel factory lines dedicated to manufacturing the said component for Apple, the report said. The company will be expanding its E6-1 and E6-2 factory lines, located in Paju, South Korea.

LG is planning on adding low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) equipment to the factory lines, sources said. The equipment will allow the company to add a total of 25,000 substrates per month to its production lines by next year.

Currently, LG is already working on installing LTPO equipment that can add 5,000 substrates per month. The company will introduce more LTPO equipment capable of adding another 10,000 substrates per month by May and another set of equipment that can add another 10,000 more by the following month.

The report said LG’s suppliers are only waiting for the manufacturer to request the delivery of the said LTPO equipment by May.

New iPhones?

LG’s new equipment will be used to create LTPO TFT displays, which will be used for Apple’s iPhones next year, the report reveals.

Apple has reportedly used the low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) TFT process so far. By adding an oxide TFT process used for LTPS, the company can create LTPO TFT.

The LTPO equipment that is currently being installed in LG’s manufacturing facilities, as well as those coming by May, will likely be used to create components for Apple’s upcoming iPhones. Similar equipment that might be installed after May will likely be used to create components for the 2022 iPhones, the report added.

It is said that Apple is planning on using LTPO technology for two out of four iPhone models it is planning to release next year.

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