Architect Gary Chang in Hong Kong, where apartments are small and expensive due to lack of space, has turned his 330-square-foot apartment into 24 ‘rooms’ via a unique sliding wall system.

Through the tracks on the ceiling and the wheels at the bottom, a wall can be moved to reveal a linen closet, which in turn can be moved to reveal a bath tub and a pull down guest bed from above.

The house transforms, and I am always here, explains Chang. I don't move. The house moves for me.

The sliding panels and walls can create different combinations – 24 in all, where one room can quickly be transformed into another.

The house also has several green features including the three floor-to-ceiling tinted windows which bring the sunlight in, keeping the house bright without having to use any extra lighting source. A mirror that Chang has installed on the ceiling not only makes the tracks less noticeable, but also helps reflect the light throughout the apartment.

There is a two-meter wide kitchen found right behind the television and a screening room with a hammock.