• The woman claimed she and her boyfriend picked up Brian Laundrie in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park on Aug. 29
  • Laundrie allegedly offered them $200 for a ride to Jackson, Wyoming
  • She alleged that Laundrie "freaked out" when she mentioned their plans to go to the same area

A woman has claimed that she and her boyfriend picked up Gabrielle Petito's ex-fiancé Brian Laundrie after spotting him hitchhiking on the side of a road in Wyoming last month.

In a series of viral videos on TikTok, the woman, who identifies herself as Miranda Baker, claimed that she and her boyfriend picked up Laundrie, 23, at Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park on Aug. 29, just days after Petito was last confirmed seen alive. Baker confirmed that she has spoken with police about the encounter.

North Port Police spokesperson Josh Taylor also told People that officials have spoken with Baker "and have collected her information."

Petito, 22, has been officially missing since Sept. 11. Her mother, Nicole Schmidt, last reported speaking with her daughter on Aug. 25.

Laundrie and Petito were said to have been on a cross-country trip in a white Ford Transit van since early July. Police named Laundrie a person of interest in Petito's disappearance.


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In one video, Baker claimed that Laundrie approached her and her boyfriend on the evening of Aug. 29 in need of a ride to Jackson, Wyoming, where she said they happened to be heading. She said the official pick-up time was 5:44 p.m. in a follow-up video.

Baker alleged that Laundrie offered them $200 for the 10-mile drive.

During the drive, the couple had some small talk with Laundrie, who allegedly told them that he had been camping "for multiple days without his fiancée." Laundrie allegedly said that his fiancée was "working on their social media page back at their van."

However, when Baker mentioned the couple's plans to head to Jackson Hole, the valley where Jackson is located, she claimed that Laundrie "freaked out." Laundrie allegedly insisted that he get out of the vehicle. Baker said they dropped him off near Jackson Dam, not far from Colter Bay, at 6:09 p.m.

"He kind of, like, hurried out of the car," Baker alleged, "and was like, 'Okay, I'm just going to find someone else to hitchhike [with],' and we were like, 'Okay.' It was a weird situation."

Baker claimed Laundrie had been wearing a backpack, long sleeves and hiking boots on the day they picked him up. She added that Laundrie didn't seem to look or smell "dirty."

Police said that Laundrie is now missing after returning to his parents' home in North Port, Florida, 10 days before Petito was deemed missing.

Laundrie's family told police Friday night they have not seen the 23-year-old since Tuesday. At the time, Laundrie was not wanted for a crime, and authorities were working on "multiple missing person investigations," police said.

Officers from five local agencies and FBI agents searched for Laundrie at the "vast Carlton Reserve" near Venice, Florida, Saturday, CNN reported, citing North Port Police spokesperson Taylor. The search was paused that evening and resumed Sunday, North Port Police said on Twitter.

The search for Petito continues.

gabby petito Gabby Petito was last seen on Aug. 24. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department