• Samsung is working on a new pair of wireless earbuds, a report says
  • The new accessory may combine the best features of the older models
  • It is expected to launch alongside new smartphones

Samsung launched several wireless earbuds in the past year, including the excellent in-ear Galaxy Buds Plus and the uniquely-shaped, noise-canceling Galaxy Buds Live. It appears, however, that the company is also planning on launching a new audio accessory that might combine the best features of the two devices.

The new audio accessory is a pair of wireless earbuds with the same form factor as the Galaxy Buds Plus and the same active noise cancellation features as the Galaxy Buds Live, SamMobile reported. This device, according to an FCC filing spotted by The Verge, will be called the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Not much is known about the device, but it seems promising. First, the FCC filing reveals that it will have a case the same shape as that of the one used for the Galaxy Buds Live. It’s unclear what this could mean. A larger case might mean more battery charges.

Second, unnamed sources speaking with SamMobile indicate that it will have an in-ear design similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus, complete with eartips that are inserted into the user’s ear canal. This feature will automatically provide better sound isolation compared to the Galaxy Buds Live.

Third, the device is believed to feature ANC. The in-ear design, coupled with this audio feature, will make sure users will get to enjoy more music and less (hopefully no) noise.

Galaxy Buds Live Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Live in three colors. Photo: Samsung

Fourth, the device will reportedly feature an “improved Ambient mode,” SamMobile noted. This means the device will let users hear important outside noises even if their ears are sealed with the device’s eartips.

This feature might work in a similar fashion as the AirPods Pro’s Transparency mode, allowing users to hear important announcements such as those made in airport terminals and very important audio cues like the sound of cars while crossing the street.

That said, nothing is confirmed at the moment. Samsung filed a “request for confidentiality” with the FCC, which means information will be scarce until the tech giant decides to unveil it.

The device is expected to be unveiled alongside the new Galaxy S21 series of devices soon. A release date remains unknown at the moment, but it won’t be long before it arrives.

Samsung FCC Galaxy Buds Pro The FCC filing reveals Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro. Photo: Samsung / FCC