• New evidence shows Samsung may be working on a pair of wireless earbuds again
  • The new earbuds could be called "Galaxy Buds Sound"
  • Not much is known about the new device at the moment

Samsung may be planning to release a new device called Galaxy Buds Sound.

Samsung's successive releases – the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live – appear to indicate that the tech firm isn't content with its roster of wireless earbuds.

New trademark filings at the U.K. Intellectual Property Office, spotted by SamMobile and Dutch-speaking site Let's Go Digital, shows that the South Korean tech giant may be working on a new pair of wireless headphones.

Galaxy Buds Sound

According to the filing at the U.K. IPO (via Let's Go Digital), Samsung wants to trademark the name “Galaxy Buds Sound.” The trademark application is categorized as Class 9, which covers a slew of goods such as TVs, virtual reality (VR) headsets, printers and wireless headphones.

Samsung didn't provide any specific detail regarding the device, but the trademark application does have a description that could give some insight regarding the device:

“Wireless headsets for smartphones; Wireless headsets for tablet computers; Headphones; Wearable wireless headsets / earsets comprised primarily of an MP3 player; Wireless headsets / earsets incorporating a sensor for detecting whether the headset is on or off; Wireless headsets / earsets incorporating software for providing a fitness guide; Wireless headsets / earsets incorporating software for measuring distance, speed, time, changes in heart rate, activity level, calories burned.”

Based on the description, it's safe to assume that the “Galaxy Buds Sound” might be a new pair of wireless headphones or earbuds that will be included in the “Galaxy Buds” line of products. It might feature better technologies compared to those found in the company's existing wireless earbuds.

That said, nothing is confirmed at the moment. Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live were previously called “Bean” and “Galaxy Buds X” before the company revealed its official name. The company might do the same thing with the new trademark application.

For now, consumers can just enjoy what Samsung has to offer. Samsung recently released the Galaxy Buds Live, a pair of noise-canceling wireless earbuds shaped like kidney beans. The audio accessory offered great audio capabilities, noise-canceling features and a unique form factor that allowed it to stay in the wearer's ears as snugly and comfortably as possible.

Not long before the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung also released the Galaxy Buds Plus, which is an update to the company's highly acclaimed Galaxy Buds. The Plus version built on what made the original model great, including good quality audio, battery life that's longer than what Apple's AirPods offer and an affordable price point.