Samsung is reportedly working on a second-generation Galaxy Fold device, even though the first-generation Galaxy Fold hasn’t been released yet.

Multiple reports confirm that the Korean tech giant Samsung is already working on a new Galaxy Fold device although the first hasn’t been made available to the public yet. The reports, however, describe two different sizes and features.

With S Pen

First, according to Korean tech site The Elec, Samsung is working on an 8-inch Galaxy Fold device that has an S Pen. This device is expected to be released in December this year at the earliest, and the beginning of next year at the latest.

This Galaxy Fold device will be bigger than the first one that had a 7.29-inch display when unfolded. Like the first device, this second-gen Galaxy Fold will also have a “fold-in” style. The report also said that Samsung has already working on the development of S Pens for this new device.

Interestingly, the report said “the second-generation Galaxy Fold is summarized as a folder-based phone based on the Galaxy Note series.” Whether this is because the new foldable smartphone will have an S Pen or something similar to the Galaxy Note is still unknown at the moment.

With a new form

Then, according to the reliable ETNews, Samsung is working on a 6.7-inch Galaxy Fold device that folds in the middle like a clamshell phone. Unlike the alleged second-gen Galaxy Fold device above, however, this won’t be released within 2019.

Unlike the first Galaxy Fold that tried to combine a tablet and smartphone in one foldable device, this Galaxy Fold device will only focus on being a smartphone. Its display size will be similar to the Galaxy S10 5G or Galaxy A70 when unfolded, but it will be very compact when folded. Forbes noted that it will have the portability of a dumbphone when it’s not in use.

Interestingly, the report added that this Galaxy Fold, which folds along its horizontal axis, will have a 1-inch display for notifications. This makes this Galaxy Fold device similar to another upcoming foldable smartphone: the Motorola RAZR smartphone.


These reports may not have the same details, but they both say that another Galaxy Fold device is coming. Time will tell, however, if these devices will fare better than their unreleased older sibling.

samsung fold Samsung's Mobile Division President and CEO DJ Koh holds the new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone during the Samsung Unpacked event on February 20, 2019 in San Francisco, California. Samsung announced a new foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as well as a new Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Buds earphones. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images