Galaxy S6 Android Marshmallow update - How To Download
Users of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will begin receiving the update to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) starting Feb. 15. Samsung

The battle cry for Samsung is to defeat Apple, so the Asian tech giant is reportedly mulling a July 2015 release date for the Galaxy Note 5. The idea is to preempt the iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus) arrival and hopefully gain sufficient momentum before the iOS flagships are unpacked.

Because of the 2015 iPhones, Samsung will likely make a tactical decision -- ditch its Berlin IFA release template for the upcoming Note 5 and roll out the device instead at the start of the third quarter this year. G4Games reported this week that the revised Samsung game plan is “in anticipation of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.”

And to give Apple a good fight, the Note 5 upsize move will include a Super AMOLED 5.9-inch screen with 4K display resolution, a massive 4100mAh battery and the latest Exynos chip. The build is expected to take a direct page from the Galaxy S6, with the likelihood of a Galaxy S6 Edge version for the fifth-generation Samsung phablet.

While unconfirmed, this begs the question: Will Samsung’s surprise maneuver pay off? According to Forbes, if the strategy includes two key features that were badly missed from the Galaxy S6, then the move is welcome.

Extra Memory

The S6 and S6 Edge are concrete proofs that Samsung is heading in the right direction following a series of missteps that the company has made in the past. The devices have been well received, with the gorgeous S6 Edge gaining instant popularity, but there are valid complaints coming from Samsung and Android fans alike.

A slot for a memory card was dumped by S6 designers, and many users were left heartbroken by the fact that increasing the device’s stock memory is next to impossible. It appears, though, that this oversight will get a fix with the Note 5. The upcoming phablet will support extra memory of up to 256GB, if the G4Games report is to be believed.

Removable Battery

Another source of discontent with the S6 is the fixed back plate that is the direct result of Samsung’s decision to give the handset a premium look and build. The device is encased in a frame that is made of metal and glass, which prevents the back cover from being peeled off.

The improved aesthetic and solid engineering are very much appreciated, but hardcore Android fans were left wondering why the best Android smartphone to date suddenly turned away from one of the most beloved features of the Android system. As it stands, the S6 does not allow for the use of extra battery. Will Samsung remedy this with a slight redesign of the Note 5?

To date, there are no clear indicators that the Galaxy Note 5 will differ very much from the Galaxy S6. If Samsung does indeed correct the perceived mistakes of the Galaxy S6, if only to win back the disappointed supporters, the final answer will come only with the phablet’s 2015 release date, which, as previously mentioned, could be advanced by a few months.