• Samsung's Galaxy Fold had a lot of potential
  • A concept video shows what a future Galaxy Fold model needs: an S Pen
  • The S Pen looks to be the perfect accessory for a future Galaxy Fold

Samsung's Galaxy Fold was the first mainstream foldable smartphone to arrive in the market. The device had a lot of potential – it was a plain smartphone when folded, but transformed into a tablet-like device when unfolded.

Some people, however, believe that Samsung could do so much more with the Galaxy Fold. Sammobile reported that a new concept video posted in YouTube shows one of the things that the Korean giant can do with it: give it some of the Galaxy Note's features.

A concept video created by Concept Creator shows a bigger, better Galaxy Fold that has some of the Galaxy Note's defining features, i.e. an S Pen and a better display and camera compared to the Galaxy S series. The concept device looks largely similar to the existing Galaxy Fold, but adds a few interesting features and specs.

  • First, the concept device has a 1440p 120Hz AMOLED display with unknown size. The concept also claims that the display glass is fused with polycarbonate, while the fold section is made out of polycarbonate. It's unclear if a future Galaxy Fold will get this kind of display, but rumors say the new device will have a 7.7-inch screen, Sammobile noted.
  • Second, the camera setup. The concept device features some of the best from the Galaxy S20 series: a 16MP ultra-wide angle camera, a 108MP wide camera, and a 20MP telephoto camera. The device will have two cameras in the front when folded, and one front-facing camera when unfolded.
  • Third, the hinge. Concept Creator said popular teardown expert JerryRigEverything shared hinge designs with him. The hinge on the concept device looks similar to the one on the Galaxy Z Flip – it disappears when the device is unfolded, and appears when the device is folded.
  • Fourth, the device has volume rocker and power/unlock buttons on the right-hand side.
  • Lastly, the device has the S Pen, which can be considered a perfect accessory for a device with a wide screen.

Concept Creator said that his concept “Galaxy Note Fold” is very durable, and is “JerryRigEverything proof.” Of course, it's worth noting that this is a concept video showing a concept device, but if ever Samsung creates it this way, comments underneath the YouTube video shows that the new Galaxy Fold just might be more appealing to many.

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