HTC Titan

It's a trick question. Galaxy Note is only available in an unlocked version for over $600, and HTC Titan is $200 with a two year contract from AT&T. However, there is a catch because only the Galaxy Note runs the Android system. HTC Titan is powered by Microsoft, but it is an intriguing device because of its 4.7-inch screen. But, that's why we compare them, because these are two of the most intriguing devices on sale this holiday season. Galaxy Note is a whopping 5.3-inch screen monster that fits nicely in the tablet/smartphone crossover space. It's a Samsung thing; they've even got four different sizes of tablet to go along with their huge variety of smartphones. And now the Galaxy Note. It's soon to be released in Europe, but it won't be coming to the U.S. anytime soon.

On the other hand, HTC Titan will go on sale Nov. 20, just in time for Black Friday, and besides having a huge screen, it can access your Xbox Live account so you can play top console games wherever you want. It will debut with the Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) operating system, so it will have access to the Microsoft Marketplace for any apps you might want. It's not as large of a selection as the Android Market, but developers have taken notice and are now leaving the Blackberry App World to develop apps for Microsoft. Furthermore, besides the Galaxy Note, Titan has the biggest screen on the market. It does lack a bit in the storage department. There is no microSD slot and there is only about 13GB of available space on this rig. Ironically, it gets decent battery life despite the huge screen, and that's in part because it doesn't have a dual-core processor to suck down the power.

Titan would get the recommend here simply because of the price, but Galaxy Note is all the more intriguing because of the Android system. It could get the Android 4.0 update, and that might be enough to justify spending the extra cash on it. It might not get the update, however, until 2012, but either way, it would be a good idea to take one for a test drive before buying. This smartphone battle is a tie. You should buy the one you want. Tell us in the comments if the large size of these two devices is turnoff or it it's the feature that sold you on it.