Samsung wants its next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S11, to show major S10 design and form revamp. The Seoul-based tech and electronics giant also aims to extend its reach in the market by releasing three variants for its upcoming flagship smartphone. Moreover, these new variants will all feature 5G connectivity.

A new report from China surfaced earlier today, revealing that Samsung will unveil three new Galaxy S smartphones in 2020. All the variants of Galaxy S11 are currently known as Samsung Galaxy S11e 5G with code name SM-G9810, Samsung Galaxy S11 5G with code name SM-G9860, and Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus 5G with code name SM-G9880. It is interesting to note that Samsung is releasing the ā€˜eā€™ variant with 5G connectivity this time.

Last year, the Seoul-based tech giant was one of the first few companies to deliver 5G connectivity on its smartphones. This was a strategic move as it enables Samsung to have ample time in collecting real-world 5G data for future advances and innovation related to the next generation network connectivity. It also allows South Koreans to enjoy the benefits of 5G connectivity way ahead of those residing in other parts of the world, even those in the US and the UK.

While the leak fails to reveal the specifications of each Samsung Galaxy S11 variant, several factors such as advances in technology and rumored specs give us hints and allow us to have educated guesses. Based on rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S11 reportedly features 10 times lossless zoom and 5 times optical zoom. It is also rumored to have EUV made chips and the latest M10 material for its display.

Earlier reports also suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will introduce a revolutionary camera, significant performance increases, a massive fingerprint sensor, AI-focused image processing, and next-generation memory. It is worth noting that while these details are very appealing, these are just leaks. So we advise taking this information very carefully and with skepticism. Between now and the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S11 and its variants, expect to hear more about the upcoming series' specs and features.