The Galaxy S8 is scheduled to be announced in less than two weeks, but Samsung may have already confirmed a new color option for the smartphone. Rumors have hinted that the Galaxy S8 may come in a color called Amethyst Purple. Now, Samsung has mentioned the color in a survey within a microsite is has created ahead of its March 29 Unpacked event.

A Twitter user discovered the survey, in which Samsung asks whether users would prefer black, silver or purple for the color of the new Galaxy device. While taking the survey, users can sign up for more information about Samsung’s upcoming launch.

Samsung has released devices in purple color options in the past. The manufacturer has previously used the name Amethyst Purple for the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S4 also came in a Purple Mirage color option.

Rumors have also suggested Samsung may release the Galaxy S8 in a color option called Orchid Gray, but there has been no further mention of the color.

Samsung often has a number of color options for its devices, some which are available only in specific markets and some that become available months after an initial launch.

Pundits have expected Samsung might release Blue Coral and Black Pearl color options for the Galaxy S8 as well. Blue Coral was a popular color option first introduced on the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung made the Galaxy S7 Edge available in a glossy Black Pearl options after Apple released the Jet Black iPhone 7.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced March 29 and may release to the market April 21.