Link in upcoming "Zelda" Wii U game. Courtesy/Nintendo

The Game Awards wrapped up on Friday night, but the Internet is still abuzz about the myriad of awesome trailers that debuted during the two-hour show, including new game reveals and trailers of games we already knew were coming in 2015. One of the biggest announcements was confirmation that Nintendo’s next “Zelda” installment will reach the Wii U next year, as well as online game “Metal Gear Online.” Check out our favorite new trailers below and let us know which one you’re most excited for!

New “Zelda” game for Wii U

The next "Zelda" installment doesn’t have a name yet, but when evidence of the upcoming “Zelda" Wii U game first appeared in May, it was rumored the title would be “Shard of Nightmare.” We hope Nintendo comes up with a better name. The Tokyo-based company hasn’t revealed much of the game’s plot, but we’re sure it will involve Princess Zelda getting kidnapped by some evil force and Link having to rescue her. Not that we’re complaining.

“Dying Light”

Upcoming zombie survival horror game “Dying Light” keeps getting better. Techland’s game includes a slew of cool weapons, the ability to perform parkour all over the city, and four player co-op. The game will also come with downloadable content allowing players to “be the zombie” and invade the games of other players as a member of the undead.

“Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – Metal Gear Online”

Konami has confirmed that “Metal Gear Solid 5” will have an online mode, “Metal Gear Online.” The multiplayer experience will come with all copies of “Metal Gear Solid 5,” much like when Rockstar Games launched “Grand Theft Auto 5” with online mode “GTA Online” in September 2013.

“No Man’s Sky”

Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” is scheduled to reach the PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2015, and the open-universe game looks more amazing every time we see it. Players take on the role of a planetary explorer traversing various planets and engaging in combat with hostile forces.


FromSoftware’s “Bloodborne” will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It launches in March and will be directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (“Dark Souls,” “Demon Souls”).