Could love be in the air in the Seven Kingdoms? Michiel Huisman recently opened up about what fans can expect going into Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” and it seems that Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) may still have a soft spot for his character — despite leaving him behind to head for Westeros.

Huisman, along with his co-stars, has been tight lipped about what fans should expect in the second to last season of “Game of Thrones.” During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he let a few spoilers fly, teasing the possibility of his character — Daario — reuniting with Khaleesi, whom he is madly in love with. Huisman would net reveal much about their relationship and whether fans should expect to see him in Season 7, telling ET he is under strict orders not “to spoil that.” Whatever happens in the upcoming season, Huisman is ready and has been for quite some time. He told the publication that in addition to opening Daario’s heart to romance, he has been bracing for his arc on “Game of Thrones” to come to an unexpected end at any minute.

“Being part of ‘Game of Thrones,’ you’re always expecting your character to die,” he said. “You’re not mentally preparing yourself for a very long haul.”

Clarke has been clear about the benefits of Daenerys having gotten rid of Daario. In a June 2016 interview she told Entertainment Weekly that without the distraction of a shirtless attractive man, Daenerys is nearly unstoppable. Clarke had already begun outlining her plans for her newly single character, telling EW that she was hopeful that she and Cersei (Lena Headey) would face off in Season 7. She does, however, need one man in her life. Clarke said she wasn’t certain Daenerys would be able to take the Iron Throne without help from Jorah (Iain Glen).

“If we talk about this: basically, I’ve got ships, I’ve got manpower, I’ve got dragons that breathe fire, and I apparently cannot be killed. I don’t even have an attractive man who wants to take his shirt off anywhere near me now, so there are no distractions. Though we have yet to see Tyrion [Peter Dinklage] without his clothes on. The only thing missing is Jorah. He’s gotta come back. I said I can’t rule the Seven Kingdoms without him,” Clarke said.

When last we saw Daario, Daenerys had broken the harsh news to him that she wasn’t going to bring him along on her journey to Westeros in the Season 6 finale. He plead with her, but the Mother of Dragons could not be swayed. She packed up her belongings, gathered her trusted advisors and boarded the ships she was gifted by the Greyjoys.

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” premiere in 2017. The show will be just seven episodes long.