Kevin Lee Co, 45, from Sacramento, reportedly went on a $1 million spending spree on the Game of War mobile game after stealing $4.8 million from his employer, the BBC reports.

Co was employed by Holt of California, where he managed the company’s accounting department, according to court documents. During his time at Holt, which was from May 2008 until March 2015, Co stole $4.8 million from the company, documents say.

Co became responsible for managing Holt’s accounting department where he hid the transactions until March 2015. Co. then reportedly used the money he stole to purchase luxury cars, NBA tickets and NFL football season tickets.

Other items included home furniture and golf course membership, according to a copy of his plea agreement which was obtained by news site Ars Technica.

In addition, Co spent about $1 million of the stolen funds on Game of War , one of the top grossing mobile games. In Game of War , players buy gold to help them build their empires.

Last year, most players spent $550 on average on Game of War , which featured singer Mariah Carey and model Kate Upton in its advertisements.

According to data analysts Slice Intelligence, Game of War was the highest grossing mobile game in 2015.

Co, who pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud and money laundering, will be sentenced in May. The two charges each have jail terms of up to 20 years, but the US government’s attorney a smaller punishment as part of the deal.