Google’s Gboard has a new update. Google/iTunes

Google has updated its Gboard app for iOS devices. The new version transfers the GIF creation button near the word suggestion, so that users will find it easier to post GIFs anytime, anywhere.

The Verge was the first to spot the change that Google made to its Gboard for iOS app. According to the tech news site, the update subtly alters the design of the app because the GIF-making button has been transferred right next to the word suggestion bar. Previously, the button was concealed behind the emoji button at the bottom of the keyboard. It also required a long press on the emoji icon to launch.

Because the GIF creation button is now conspicuous, users can readily press the it to record GIFs using either the front or the back camera of their handset. The GIF creation button was launched last September, but Google has decided to move it to a more visible place just now. Perhaps the company wants more users to try it out, so the number of people using it would increase.

Gboard’s GIF creation button has two modes, Loop and Fast-Forward. Loop basically creates 3-second GIFs that have the Boomerang effect. Contrariwise, Fast-Forward allows users to record content up to one minute, which is then sped up in the resulting GIF. Once done creating a GIF using any of the two modes, users can copy and paste it into a message that they can send to their friends, as per Phone Arena.

It appears the tweak that Google made to Gboard’s GIF creation button is still not available to Android users. However, the rollout of the new update to iOS users strongly suggests that the modified placement of the GIF button is rolling out to Android handsets soon.

Meanwhile, Google also has an app called Motion Stills that lets users create their own GIFs. What this does is search through the users’ Live Photos. Then, it edits them into still photos with minimal shake. The final product is an easy-to-share GIF. Of course, it also has an option that lets users take short videos that they can then transform into GIFs.