“Gears of War” is already 10 years old. To celebrate this milestone, The Coalition is releasing the “Ten Years of Gears” update this Monday, Nov. 7. So what can fans expect from the special update?

By the looks of things, there are new items that are arriving to the third-person shooter as part of the “Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack,” according to DualShockers. The “Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack” for “Gears of War” is going to be available for 200 credits, and it is packed with an assortment of things that will keep players entertained for long hours.

On Twitter, the “Gears of War” developers announced on the game’s official account that Gary Carmine is joining the action-packed world. “#ItRunsInTheFamily. Gary Carmine comes to ‘Gears of War 4’ as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration!” the tweet read.

Other things included in the “Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack” are the new Anthony Carmine Longshot, Benjamin Carmine Gnasher and Clayton Carmine Lancer skins. New weapons such as the 10 Years of Gears Lancer, Enforcer, Markza Mk. 1, Hammerburst and Retro Lancer are also included.

On the “Gears of War” official website, it is also stated there that the special update comes with two emblems — the Gary Carmine Emblem and the 10 Years of Gears Emblem. There are also five bounties that are each themed to a specific “Gears of War” game.

On top of the new playable character, skins and items, The Coalition Community Manager Liam Ashley revealed in a blog post on the Xbox Wire that there will also be in-game events, community events and competitions.

For the in-game events, fan-favorite playlists are returning. The first one is the sniping-focused mode called “One Shot, One Kill.” The other playlist is “Gnashers-Only King of The Hill” that involves close-quarters combat.

Ashley also shared that The Coalition Army is launching next week as part of the celebrations. Through this initiative, numerous fans will get to enjoy brand new content and access to 4K Cosplay Guides, Steam overlays and many other things.

More details about the community events and competitions will be provided at a later date, as per GameSpot. For now, what’s known is that a variety of competitions are set to happen next month.