Ever since Ryan switched places with Kevin, he has been plotting against the residents of Port Charles. On the Friday, Nov. 9 of “General Hospital,” he will cause problems for Carly and Ava while Sonny confronts Margaux with the truth.

In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) tells Jeanette (Ely Pouget) she wants the truth. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Sonny (Maurice Benard) proves his point.

In the previous episode, Sonny wore a wire to visit Jeanette while Margaux sat in the car and listened in on their conversation. Sonny told Jeanette he needed to know why her husband was killed.

He revealed she used to spend a lot of time with Joe Scully but suddenly stopped coming around. When she realized he was accusing her of ordering her husband’s murder, she warned him anything he said would be hearsay.

However, when Sonny revealed she made a mistake by writing to Joe, she fumbled in her drawers until she pulled out a pile of letters. Jeanette revealed she was going to burn them but Margaux walked in to stop her.

Now that Sonny has proven Jeanette is responsible for her husband’s death, will Margaux see him as an innocent man? Or will she charge both Sonny and her mother with her father’s murder?

Elsewhere in the “GH” promo video, Carly (Laura Wright) asks Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) why Ava (Maura West) isn’t a person of interest since Mary Pat’s (Patricia Bethune) body was found at her gallery.

In the previous episode, Jordan told Carly her DNA was found on Mary Pat. Carly is certain she didn’t kill the shady nurse, but did someone else set her up for murder?

In the ABC preview, Ava pays a visit to Ryan (Jon Lindstrom). “GH” spoilers reveal Ava is intrigued. Ryan has come to admire Ava’s dark side and hatred toward others. While it is clear he has a crush on the scorned woman, would he kill to impress her?

Carly has been pushing Ryan to share information about the patient who was next door to her at Ferncliff. If she continues to pry, she could found out Ryan switched places with Kevin and send him back to the institution for the criminally insane.

Will Ryan capture Ava’s interest with a murder confession, or is there something else that grabs her attention?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.