On Tuesday night, "The Genetic Detective" will follow CeCe Moore as she takes a closer look at the murder of 8-year-old April Tinsley. Throughout the new episode of the ABC crime show, those who tune in will get to see the genetic genealogist's methods for solving crimes be utilized in order to find the true identity of the killer.

Since 1988, police had been searching for new details regarding Tinsley's case. According to CNN, Tinsley had been walking in her Fort Wayne, Indiana, neighborhood when she was abducted. Three days later, police discovered that her body roughly 20 miles away in a rural area. At that time, they also learned that she had been raped.

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After learning of Tinsley's murder, law enforcement officials then opened an investigation but were unable to identify a suspect. However, two years after the crime, a scrawled message that read "I kill 8 year old April Marie Tisley I will kill agin" appeared on a barn door in an area close to where her body had been found.

Then, 14 years later, four "taunting notes" were found at several Fort Wayne residences. Some of these were recovered on bicycles that belonged to young girls. "Hi Honey I Been watching you I am the same person that kinapped an Rape an kill Aproil Tinsely," one read. As stated by the publication, one also included "you are my next vitem."

Even though the lead seemed promising, the case went cold, until Fort Wayne Police detective Brian Martin arranged for genetic DNA testing to be done regarding Tinsley's case. At that time, Parabon Nanolabs, which works with Moore, was contracted. From there, they were able to follow the clues in order to learn who was behind the string of crimes.

On Tuesday's "Genetic Detective," true crime fans will also be able to see new interviews throughout the episode of the ABC crime show. According to a press release, Martin will speak about the case, along with retired forensic scientist Linda McDonald, Parabon NanoLabs’ founder Steve Armentrout, reporter Jamie Duffy, and others.

The new episode of "The Genetic Detective," called "The Deadly Playdate," will air Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

CeCe Moore on ABC's "The Genetic Detective" Episode 101
Cece Moore will investigate the murder of 8-year-old April Tinsley in an episode of ABC's "The Genetic Detective." ABC