• "Genshin Impact" 1.5 made some changes in the Spiral Abyss
  • Some players are having a hard time clearing its Floor 11
  • The following are tips and tricks on how to do it

"Genshin Impact" players are rewarded with amazing gifts, including Primogems, for clearing each floor in the Spiral Abyss. However, the recently released version 1.5 introduced some changes in this special domain, making it more challenging for some players. No here are some tips and tricks on how to clear Floor 11.

'Genshin Impact' 1.5 Spiral Abyss Floor 11

On this floor, Ley Line Disorder includes in-game characters regularly inflicted with Engulfing Storm. This drains players' Energy until the inflicted element is removed. Cryo DMG dealt by all party members is raised by 75% as well. Players will meet enemies with levels ranging between 88 and 92 here.

Chamber 2 is the most challenging part of Floor 11 in "Genshin Impact" 1.5. Players need to protect the mechanism and prevent enemies from damaging it. To keep enemies in check, players must execute crowd control abilities.

Rosaria, as featured in the latest trailer for Genshin Impact
Rosaria, as featured in the latest trailer for Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact

At some point, multiple enemies would surface on Floor 11. Knowing when they appear and their type gives players an advantage on the battlefield. It is essential to take out enemies capable of creating shields or those that could shoot from a distance.

Floor 11 Chambers' Tips And Tricks

Players should take out the Hydro Slime First as it is the biggest threat in the first chamber. The Water Slime can create several Elemental Reactions with other enemies around. In the second chamber, players should take out the Hilichurl shooters first.

Leaving these shooters will enable them to execute potshots that cause huge damage. Hilichurl shooters could also interrupt players' combos. Players should eliminate the Treasure Hoarders, too, before dealing with the Cryo Cicin Mage and the Fatui Pyro Agent.

In Chamber 3, players should take out the Watergunner as it can heal its allies during battles. Defeating them helps players keep the battle short. Players can also stop the Watergunner from healing by freezing it using a Cryo attack.

Finally, it is crucial that players fight the Fatui Pyro Agent and the Electro Cicin Mage at the same time. They should concentrate on the Fatui Pyro Agent first since attacking the Electro Cicin Mage could easily reduce their health.