• The next "Genshin Impact" update is anticipated to release In June 
  • MiHoYo shared some concept images of Inazuma in its recent livestream
  • The game developer has not yet revealed when it plans to unlock Inazuma

Rumors have it that "Genshin Impact" Update 1.6 would unlock the highly-anticipated Inazuma region and all its locations. However, it might not be the case if the latest leak holds any water. 

Multiple "Genshin Impact" insiders report their discoveries about Update 1.6 since it is now available in Closed Beta. Over the past days, insiders keep on finding references to summer islands but new findings apparently shed more light on them. Industry insider Potato_Yan12 shared on Twitter a new quest called Archipelago. 

The insider is quite confident that the summer island references discovered in the data mines refer to this island. This could be the same island insider Arkywzx was talking about in April. Rumors have it that instead of unlocking the entire Inazuma region, miHoYo would only introduce two Inazuma islands in the next update. 

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Instead, players would have to complete the Summer Island activities" or the Archipelago quest to open up the entire region. This claim also aligns with the recent discovery made by Project Celestia about the Skiff. The insider claimed that the next "Genshin Impact" Update would introduce a new boating mechanic via the Skiff.

It is reportedly a water-based vehicle that could transport players from one point to another. Insider Genshin Intel also doubled down on the claim and even shared a couple of maps showing the islands with the archipelagic setting. Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, another insider, possibly uncovered the mysteries behind these "Summer Islands." 

According to them, "The left image is the map for a marine battle event during Ludi Harpastum (the Mystical Skiff Challenge, probably). The right image is the same map, at low tide." They added, "today, the map on the test server has its water level entirely receded, and the map is basically like Dragon spine." 

If these claims are accurate, players will have to finish the quests on these islands first before fully accessing the entire Inazuma region. Game developer miHoYo has already teased about Inazuma during its recent Livestream but has not said anything about its release date. In the absence of an official confirmation, fans should temper their expectations and take these latest "Genshin Impact" details with a pinch of salt.