• Lisa can be built to deal massive damage with late-game items
  • She works best as a main DPS or sub-DPS unit
  • Lisa synergizes well with Hydro characters and other Electro units

Despite the stigma behind starting characters, Lisa can be one of the strongest burst-damage dealers in the game, thanks to her high-scaling ratios and innate abilities.

Players looking for a solid Electro DPS apart from Yae Miko may want to take a second look at Lisa. If built properly, she can consistently nuke enemies to oblivion with her powerful lightning strikes and her on-field Electro effects. Here are some builds to consider to make Lisa the best she can be and a general guide on how to use her properly.

How To Play Lisa

Lisa is primarily used as either a main DPS or sub-DPS carry who can inflict tons of Electro damage over a large area. All of her attacks deal Electro damage, which makes her great for priming or triggering Electro-based reactions.

Her Elemental Skill can be charged to deal more damage over a larger area. This is Lisa’s primary nuke skill, and while it’s powerful, it makes her vulnerable to damage, so make sure to have some sort of protection before using this.

Lisa’s Elemental Burst electrocutes all enemies within its area of effect, constantly dealing Electro damage and generating particles whenever possible. This makes Lisa a great pick for an off-field Electro DPS. Use her ultimate whenever it’s ready to maximize DPS.

Lisa in action - Genshin Impact
Lisa fighting Hilichurls in Mondstadt Genshin Impact

Best Weapons and Artifacts

Dodoco Tales can greatly increase Lisa’s auto-attack damage, but for players who want to make the most out of her abilities, consider using the Widsith or Skyward Atlas instead for their general damage buffs and stats.

As for artifacts, players can go for either 2-pc. Thundering Fury with 2-pc. Gladiator or Shimenawa for flat damage stat bonuses. Alternatively, the 4-pc. Emblem of Severed Fate set can help offset Lisa’s high energy costs.

Stack ATK%, ATK, CRIT stats and Electro DMG on her artifacts to get the most damage out of her kit.

Best Team Synergies

Lisa works best with a secondary Electro DPS unit like Fischl, Raiden Shogun, or Yae Miko because they can dish out more damage while Lisa’s abilities are on cooldown. A second Electro character also activates Electro Resonance, which helps with energy regeneration.

Alternatively, Hydro characters like Xingqiu and Childe can synergize well with Lisa thanks to their constant Hydro application for Electro-Charge reactions.