• Eula is a Physical damage-oriented Cryo character
  • She has the highest Base ATK and attack speed of all claymore wielders
  • Eula's high damage is offset by her lack of team utility

There’s less than one week left in the Zhongli re-run banner for “Genshin Impact,” and the much-anticipated banner for the upcoming character Eula, the Spindrift Knight, is fast approaching.

Eula will be the latest five-star character in the game. She’s a claymore-wielding Cryo user with fast attacks and high physical damage, making her a premier pick for a Main DPS role. There are already a handful of characters that can fulfill this job, however. This begs the question: is Eula worth spending Primogems on?

Character personality and “waifu factor” aside, here’s a look at what Eula can bring to the table, courtesy of the character database at Honey Impact.

Eula, the Spindrift Knight in Genshin Impact Eula, the Spindrift Knight in Genshin Impact Photo: MiHoYo

Eula is a character that specializes in dealing damage with hard-hitting physical attacks that are empowered by her innate Cryo abilities. She has a Base ATK value of 342 at Level 90, which is the highest among all claymore wielders in the game. She also has high Base DEF and her ascension levels increase her CRIT DMG.

Her normal attack chain consists of five attacks in total, with the third and fifth attacks inflicting two hits instead of just one. This makes Eula the fastest-attacking claymore wielder on top of being the strongest in terms of base damage values.

Eula’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst further complement her auto-attack-centric playstyle. The Elemental Skill Icetide Vortex grants her stacks of Grimheart, which increases Eula’s DEF and interruption resistance. When the ability is held, her attack will decrease enemy Physical and Cryo RES significantly while also launching her forward.

Her Elemental Burst, Glacial Illumination, summons a Lightfall Sword that gains power after each of Eula’s other attacks for seven seconds. After the duration, the sword explodes, dealing Physical damage relative to its charge level.

Eula’s focus on Physical damage makes her a top candidate for the Main DPS in a Superconduct team. However, since her abilities offer no team utility, this makes her another selfish DPS character.

She can be compared to Razor due to their similar roles as selfish Physical damage-dealers, but since she’s a Cryo unit, she’ll have to be paired up with a different team to effectively proc Superconduct or other reactions.

Eula is designed as a very aggressive Physical damage carry who should always be pressing the attack. She can be a great pick against single targets like bosses and elite enemies, while her Cryo abilities keep smaller fodder at bay with ease.

Players who are fond of this playstyle will definitely enjoy Eula. However, those who already have an established Physical damage team with Razor, Rosaria or Keqing may want to hold off on pulling Eula for now.