• The Mimi Tomo event will be the last major event for "Genshin Impact" before Patch 1.6
  • Players will have to work with friendly Hilichurls to find the Unusual Hilichurl's location in the world
  • Defeating the Unusual Hilichurl will reward players with Primogems, resources and furniture blueprints

The last major event of “Genshin Impact” Patch 1.6 is underway, offering players up to 420 Primogems and several handfuls of other goodies throughout its duration. The Mimi Tomo event might be a little confusing to those who don’t speak Hilichurlian, but thankfully, it’s nothing too complicated.

This new commission from the Adventurers Guild will have “Genshin Impact” players investigating certain incidents involving the Hilichurls of Teyvat. With the help of local linguist Ella Musk, adventurers will have to communicate with the Hilichurls and find out what’s causing them so much stress.

The goal of the Mimi Tomo event is to find and defeat the Unusual Hilichurl who has been causing trouble for his more common counterparts. To find him, players will need to gain clues about his location by speaking to friendly Hilichurls.

Finding and defeating the unusual Hilichurl will reward players with a generous bounty of Primogems, Mora and other useful resources, including some new blueprints Serenitea Pot furniture pieces.

How To Find The Unusual Hilichurl

To begin the event, “Genshin Impact” players must first talk to Katheryne at either of the Adventurers Guilds. This will trigger a quest that will lead the players to the event proper.

The Mimi Tomo page at the Events tab will feature multiple Sighting Locations that will gradually unlock over the course of the event. Select one location and head over to the indicated area. There will be one friendly Hilichurl in the vicinity who is willing to talk with players regarding the Unusual Hilichurl’s whereabouts.

Speak with the Hilichurl and try to converse with them using their language. To help with this, Ella Musk will provide players with a useful handbook that contains commonly used Hilichurlian words and phrases. Oftentimes, friendly Hilichurls will ask players to provide them with items or complete a request before sharing any information with them.

Once this is done, rinse and repeat the process as necessary until the Unusual Hilichurl’s location is marked on the map.

After completing all Hilichurl requests, players must go to the designated location and wait for the Unusual Hilichurl to spawn. He will only appear during the time window mentioned by the last friendly Hilichurl that players interact with. Refer to the handbook and use the game’s Wait function to set the time of day.

Once the Unusual Hilichurl appears, simply defeat him to gain rewards.

The “Genshin Impact” event will run until June 6, and a follow-up quest called “The Lost Hilichurl” will be available for two days after the event ends.

One of the many friendly Hilichurls in Genshin Impact's Mimi Tomo event
One of the many friendly Hilichurls in Genshin Impact's Mimi Tomo event Genshin Impact