• Fans aren't happy with the rewards for upcoming and ongoing events in "Genshin Impact"
  • The value of the event prizes are too low compared to the amount of effort and resources they require
  • "Genshin Impact's" anniversary will be celebrated on Sept. 28

The turmoil among fans over “Genshin Impact’s” first anniversary just got worse after miHoYo’s announcement of their upcoming celebration contests and web events, which members of the community have deemed egregious.

Recently, the developers posted an announcement of the upcoming and ongoing anniversary events on their official forums. The post contained details of the various web events and art competitions that are scheduled as part of the anniversary. But while they seemed good on paper, fans quickly pointed out that none of the events seemed worthy of celebration.

The majority of the events involve art-related contests such as cosplay competitions and submissions of fan art, photos and videos.

While said events do have impressive rewards such as Apple products, game merchandise and gaming peripherals, many users in the forums found themselves frustrated over how much effort miHoYo is requiring from the community for what was supposed to be a mutual celebration.

Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes Genshin Impact's Inazuma is the home to many beautiful and breathtaking scenes Photo: Genshin Impact

Other users called out some of the upcoming events for being “gacha-based” in and of themselves, like the “A Message In Time” web event that’s basically a raffle that requires players to submit anniversary cards for a 10% chance to win a Blessing of the Welkin Moon and 90% chance to win 100,000 Mora in-game.

Meanwhile, other events like “Recording Your Anniversary Memories” and “Let’s Solve Word Puzzles” offer only a measly 100 Primogems as rewards.

Members of the “Genshin Impact” community at Reddit have been very vocal about their disappointment with the anniversary events since the announcements. One user called miHoYo “out of touch” with the community, as the majority of in-game rewards are simply not worth the effort that the developers are asking for.

To put things into perspective, 100,000 Mora can be earned in-game within 5 to 10 minutes via Mora Leylines. On the other hand, while 100 Primogems isn’t exactly easy to come by, the amount is barely enough for one pull in any of the gacha banners.

Meanwhile, cosplayers, video editors and artists on Reddit and the miHoYo forums said that they don’t find any of the contests worth competing in, as the amount of time, effort and resources are simply too much for a minuscule chance of winning.