• "Genshin Impact" is raking unprecedented success in the industry
  • It is scheduled to receive its first major update on November 11
  • Upcoming content rolling out next month to "Genshin Impact" was reportedly uncovered through a datamine

A massive leak containing details of the upcoming update’s content in “Genshin Impact” uncovered through datamining was recently shared online.

The alleged content of the upcoming “Genshin Impact” update was leaked by Reddit user Polanoid75. Some of the details were taken from previous Chinese beta tests and contributed to the line up of fresh additions to the hit ARPG title, including new characters. Update 1.1 would reportedly add two five-star characters, Zhongli and Childe, and two four-star characters, Diona and Xinyan.

Beta reports and several other leaks hint that “Genshin Impact” 1.1 Update would feature several events. The referral event is believed to be the biggest of all these and would reward veteran players for introducing new players to the game. When referred players reach rank 15, those who referred would reportedly receive Primogems.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact miHoYo

There is also a mention of a food delivery event that will challenge the “Genshin Impact” players’ ingredient gathering skill. Other events reportedly arriving in the game include the Unreturned Star event and gliding races. Interestingly, the leak claimed that the biggest feature that would be introduced in the game is the regional reputation system.

The new system would allegedly task “Genshin Impact” players with region-specific quests and challenges that will improve players’ local reputation and let them earn rewards. These rewards could include crafting recipes, cosmetics and quality of life bonuses. Moreover, MiHoYo would reportedly make Reputation progress retroactive, which could mean even if the update drops in November and players start working on reputation progress now, players could boost their reputation instantly.

There are also mentions of weapons that feature electro and hydro motifs as well as green weapons. Allegedly, green weapons are related to the dendro element, which is not available in the game at the moment. Aside from dendro weapons, a dendro boss and mini-boss were also uncovered in the datamine.

Ascension materials for Dendro characters are also discovered in the datamine. It is worth mentioning that dendro is listed in the elemental resonance chart of “Genshin Impact.” There is a high probability that characters and items related to it will eventually arrive in the hit ARPG title.

These details are unconfirmed and unofficial. While datamined details are usually accurate, they are not guaranteed to go live in the immediate update. “Genshin Impact” is playable on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices.