• Geo Traveler can be an effective Main DPS character in “Genshin Impact”
  • Physical damage stats work well with Geo Traveler
  • They can be used in almost any team composition

The Geo attunement for the Travelers in “Genshin Impact” is a little bit odd at first. Players may be confused as to what value the Geo constructs provide. Unlike the Anemo attunement, however, Geo deals significantly more upfront damage that’s great for quick bursts against any enemy.

There’s more to playing Geo Traveler than just popping rocks and making the earth shake. With a little understanding of what weapons and artifacts to use and how to use their abilities properly, players will be able to unlock the true potential of Aether or Lumine when imbued with the power of Geo.

How To Play Geo Traveler

Sub-DPS/Support is Geo Traveler’s most efficient role, but they can also be used as a team’s main DPS if built properly thanks to the high damage scaling on their Elemental Skill, Starfell Sword.

At max level, this ability deals 589% of the Traveler’s ATK on a relatively short cooldown. The rocks created by this ability can also be used as platforms to spam Plunge Attacks on, which is part of the reason why main DPS Geo Traveler is a viable choice.

Geo Traveler's constructs serve both defensive and offensive purposes
Geo Traveler's constructs serve both defensive and offensive purposes Genshin Impact

The Elemental Burst skill deals good AoE Geo damage, and once the C4 bonus is unlocked, it will also generate up to 25 energy particles depending on the number of enemies hit by the shockwave. All of Geo Traveler’s constructs can block attacks, making them good defensive options in hectic fights.

Best Geo Traveler Builds

Noblesse Oblige with Archaic Petra is a decent combination for DPS-oriented Travelers, while a full Archaic Petra set is better for support builds.

Geo Traveler can either stack ATK/ATK% stats or Geo DMG on their artifacts. The former is better for consistent damage output (especially when paired with Phys ATK%), while the latter is better for a sub-DPS role. For support builds, look for Energy Recharge instead.

Ideal Geo Traveler Weapons

Aquila Favonia and Skyward Blade are the best five-star swords for DPS Geo Traveler because of their strong damage bonuses. Alternatively, weapons like the Prototype Rancour, Black Sword and Festering Desire are all worthy options.

For support Geo Traveler, any sword with Energy Recharge can do well. The three-star Skyrider Sword is a great low-budget option for energy regeneration and speed buffs for the whole team.

Party Compositions

As a Geo unit, Geo Traveler can fit in almost any team. If built as a DPS unit, they’re best paired with another Geo character like Noelle or Albedo for the Geo resonance buff. Adding two Pyro units will further buff Geo Traveler’s damage output passively.