• Kazuha is designed as a Sub-DPS carry with strong CC and high AoE damage
  • He is best built with Elemental Mastery since Swirl does not deal critical damage
  • Iron Sting is his best F2P weapon option along with Rancour and the Flute

Kazuha is a very flexible 5-star Anemo character who can be useful in many different team compositions by virtue of his elemental alignment and powerful utility skills. He can deal strong bursts of damage with his primary CC ability and he can lock enemies down for the rest of the party to capitalize on as well.

While Kazuha isn’t exactly a must-pull character, he can definitely help a lot with teams who don’t have Venti, or for players who find Sucrose’s abilities to be a little difficult to use. Kazuha is simple yet very effective, making him the perfect choice for a Sub-DPS unit or as part of a quick-swap team.

Here are some pointers on how to unlock Kaedehara Kazuha’s full potential in “Genshin Impact.”

Kazuha’s Playstyle

Like most of the other Anemo characters, Kazuha has strong crowd control effects built into his kit. His Elemental Skill, Chihayaburu, pulls in all enemies in a wide area and his empowered Plunge Attack can create a wind vortex that will lock enemies in place. Follow this up with his Elemental Burst and Kazuha can set a team up for incredibly fast clear times against large groups of enemies.

Kazuha is great for wiping out large groups of enemies
Kazuha is great for wiping out large groups of enemies Genshin Impact

Because of the nature of his abilities and his attunement to Anemo, Kazuha is best used as an Elemental Mastery DPS character who relies on triggering Swirl with other EM carries.

Try to create a team that can make use of his Elemental Burst’s absorption effect. A frozen field can make proccing Melt and other reactions extremely easy and consistent.

Best Weapons And Artifacts For Kazuha

Stacking as much Elemental Mastery on Kazuha is often the best way to go since Swirl benefits heavily from it. Additionally, his second Ascension Passive grants an elemental damage buff to his entire team based on his total EM stat.

Since Swirl does not deal critical hits, Kazuha can forego CRIT stats and focus on either more EM or ATK%. The Viridescent Venerer stat works great on him but players can also choose to go with a 2-piece Gladiator set for more upfront damage.

As for his weapons, the Iron Sting 4-star sword is his best F2P option. He can get both stacks of its passive effect with one use of his Elemental Skill and the base EM stat on the sword is great for his entire kit. Alternatively, the Flute and the Prototype Rancour are great options for dealing sustained damage with basic attacks.