• Shenhe is great for buffing allies and debuffing enemies
  • She works best in Cryo teams, but she can fit in other teams as well
  • Shenhe's utility is offset by her low personal DPS

Shenhe is the newest 5-star character to arrive in “Genshin Impact” as of the 2.4 update, offering a new way to provide a team with some much-needed offensive buffs that only get stronger when paired with other Cryo users.

Despite having low personal damage, Shenhe compensates by boosting everyone else’s DPS by a significant amount. She can fit in many teams as of the current meta, especially since Cryo and Freeze reactions remain very strong in high-level end-game content.

Shenhe might be a little confusing to use at first, though, so here’s a guide to help players out with that.

How to use Shenhe

As stated, Shenhe is a support character who provides offensive ATK buffs and constant off-field Cryo application. Her Elemental Skill, Spring Spirit Summoning, grants active characters a buff to any damage they deal but only for a certain amount of hits. Holding the skill button increases the number of hits allowed, but it also increases the ability’s cooldown.

Players should use this ability as much as possible as much of Shenhe’s value comes from her buffs. Tapping the skill is recommended because of how much lower the cooldown is compared to when the ability button is held.

Shenhe’s ultimate, Divine Maiden’s Deliverance, creates a damaging AoE Cryo field that shreds Physical and Cryo RES of all enemies inside. Use this whenever a big combo with other characters is available.

Shenhe in her character demo for Genshin Impact
Shenhe in her character demo for Genshin Impact miHoYo

Shenhe Artifact Sets

Like most supports, Shenhe is a viable candidate for a 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set to further boost her support ability. Otherwise, a mix of Gladiator’s Finale and Shimenawa’s Remembrance should be enough. This is because Shenhe’s ATK buff scales with her own ATK stat.

Prioritize stacking as much ATK on Shenhe as possible to get the most value out of her buff. This means sacrificing CRIT and Cryo DMG stats, which will further hurt her personal DPS.

Weapon Recommendations

Weapons with Energy Recharge or ATK buffs like Calamity Queller, Engulfing Lightning, Skyward Spine and Favonious Lance are great options for Shenhe as they can let her use her Elemental Burst more often while providing a decent bump in her damage and buff ability.

Team Compositions

Shenhe fits very well in Cryo-centric teams featuring carries like Ganyu, Ayaka and, to some extent, Eula. She can work as a substitute for Rosaria in most cases, trading the extra CRIT Rate for more raw damage.

Using Chongyun can make her shine even more as he can infuse attacks with Cryo to make use of Shenhe’s Cryo DMG buff.